We will start the accreditation process in April 2016!

Dear media partner,

Many thanks for your interest in our festivals. As we receive more and more accreditation applications each year, we unfortunately can no longer authorise them all. To give as many different media as possible the chance to report on the festival, we accept - as a rule - one press accreditation and one photo pass -as the case may be- per medium. We also give priority to media partners we often work with and who support our events. Please follow the instructions below for accreditation:

Step 1:
Please go to "New accreditations" in the central accreditation area. You will then receive an e-mail with your personal access details. Make sure you keep these access details safe, as you will need them for all other accreditation applications and changes to existing applications. If you already registered in our accreditation area last year you can continue to use the access details.  In that case, please check and/or correct your personal details. As from 2010 we unfortunately only can process accreditation applications from media and no longer from freelance journalists without permanent employers. Please make sure to indicate in the field "Media" the name of a medium and as the case may be a contact name at your employer's.

Step 2:
By registering in the central accreditation area you have not applied for an accreditation yet. Please select the festival after log in, click on 'accreditation' and complete the number and type of the desired accreditation and some information about your planned report.

Step 3:
You will then receive a confirmation e-mail about the registration of your accreditation request. Please give us some time to check and process your application.

Step 4:
You will then receive a confirmation e-mail on number and type of accreditation and other information. We ask for your understanding if your accreditation application has been rejected. Please address objections to the person who processed your request (the sender of the e-mail).

Step 5: If your application was successful, please complete the information about the participants in the accreditation area two weeks prior to the festival at the latest. Confirmed press tickets can only be collected on site with presentation of identification.